Transportation Planning Documents

Planning documents are available for download in Acrobat PDF format. You will need a copy of Acrobat Reader to view the files. Planning documents may not be modified from their original content. Get Acrobat Reader.

Lassen County Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA) Handbook

Find information on time management, transportation planning, transit planning and administration of the RTPA:

Regional Transportation Planning Agency Handbook - Introduction
Transportation Planning and Funding
Transit Planning

Current Planning Documents

Wayfinding Plan

2016/2017 Overall Work Program (OWP)
2015/2016 Overall Work Program (OWP)
2014/2015 Overall Work Program (OWP) 
2016 State Transportation Improvement Program
County Bikeway Plan 

2017 Final Transit Development Plan 
2017 Regional Transportation Plan 

Transportation Commission Annual Audits 

Transit Agency Annual Audits

Please feel free to contact the Commission by phone or email about other transportation planning documents.

Transportation Commission Budgets

2016/2017 Local Transportation Commission Fund
2016/2017 State Transit Assistance Fund
2016/2017 Proposition 1B Fund

2015/2016 Local Transportation Commission Fund
2015/2016 State Transit Assistance Fund
2015/2016 Proposition 1B Fund

Transit Agency Budgets

2017/2018 Lassen Transit Service Agency Fund

2016/2017 Lassen Transit Service Agency Fund
2015/2016 Lassen Transit Service Agency Fund

For a list of common transportation planning terms and acronyms please click here.