Lassen Rural Bus

For additional information on bus routes and schedules, please call (530) 252-7433.

Lassen Rural Bus discontinued service of our East County and West County Extension route on July 1, 2021 due to lack of ridership. The Susanville City "Express" will be continued in the future with new stops along Nevada and N. Roop St. and an updated schedule (also starting July 1, 2021). Please use the contact page if you would like to comment on the cancellation of the East County and West County Extension route or for any other comments or questions you have regarding our services.

Lassen Rural Bus is now also offering a free rides to get you COIVD-19 vaccine. Click here for more information or call 530-252-RIDE (7433). Starting on Friday April 3, 2020 Lassen Rural Bus will be offering a special delivery service for groceries available to the at-risk population in our community. This is a free service for those who are not able to leave their house for risk of their health. This service now incudes Lake Forest and the corridor along Richmond Road. Please click here for more information or call 530-252-RIDE (7433) for more information. All operations will continue as scheduled. Please see below for schedules. 

Following federal mandate, the Lassen Transit Service Agency is requiring all passengers waiting for or riding  Lassen Rural Bus vehicles, and those visiting Lassen Rural Bus facilities, to wear a face mask covering nose and mouth. Please click here to see for our flyer.  The CDC recommends that anyone leaving their homes should use face covering to limit their potential exposure to the COVID-19 novel coronavirus and to prevent exposing others. Bus operators and all essential staff are required to wear a face mask covering the nose and mouth effective as well. Several resources are online for DIY Face coverings to make your own mask, including one from the CDC.                  

Lassen County has no current plans for closing any departments, limiting any kind of services, or altering operating hours, including the operating hours of the Lassen Rural Bus system, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The Lassen County Public Health has opened a local COIVD-19 Call Center to provide community members the option to talk to a person who can provide up-to-date COVID-19 information and resources, COVID-19 pre-screening, and isntructions on next steps, as appropriate. The COVID-19 Call Center number is (530) 251-8100. Please visit for press releases and updates from Lassen County Public Health department regarding the recent COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak and click here for Public Health guidance on self-Isolation for older adults and those who have elevated risk. Click here for tips on how to help prevent the spread of germs.

Download detailed bus route information for all areas we serve. For more information on connecting services to Redding, Red Bluff or Reno and transit options in north Lassen please click here. Information about our complementary paratransit service Dial-A-Ride can be found here.

You can also view routes, system alerts or real-time status updates for free on from your computer or from your mobile. The ETA SPOT app is also available in the Apple app store and in the Google play store. Simply download the app for free and select Lassen Rural Bus as your agency.

The Lassen Rural Bus (LRB) provides service that includes routes for the City of Susanville, West County, East County and the South County Commuter Route, and summer service to Eagle Lake. Please call (530) 252-7433 for more information.

Susanville City Routes

Susanville City RouteSUSANVILLE CITY ROUTE provides service in the city Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 6:52pm and Saturdays from 8:00am to 3:52pm; please refer to the  map below for service locations. (This route includes service to the Susanville Ranch Park and the Honey Lake Valley Community Pool )

Download the City Route Schedule

Please note:

  • Passengers can request transfer tickets for other Susanville City "Express" Route. Transfer tickets must be used the same day and are valid for two hours. Transfer tickets can only be used within the city of Susanville and cannot be used on the same route as you boarded. 
  • The bus stop at the community pool will be served as long as the pool is open.
  • The Upper Rancheria, Numa & Cameron and the Susan River Apartments bus stops are now served on an on-demand basis. Passengers who wish to be picked up at one of these three stops should call Lassen Rural Bus at (530) 252 7433 to notify the bus operator about their intent. Passengers who wish to be dropped off at one of these three stops should notify the bus driver when boarding the bus.




SUSANVILLE CITY "EXPRESS" ROUTE provides service in the city Monday through Friday 10:37am to 4:00pm. Please refer to the map below for service locations. Passengers can request transfer tickets for other Susanville City Route. Transfer tickets must be used the same day and are valid for two hours. Transfer tickets can only be used within the city of Susanville and cannot be used on the same route as you boarded.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

This route goes the opposite direction than the Susanville CIty Route (From College via Eskaton to Safeway, then from Safeway via Walmart, Alexander/ Riverside, Burger King to Museum and to the Casino via Paiute Ln, ending at the College again). 


 Please note:

  • The Susanville City "Express" Route is a pilot project for new services from October 2020 to June 2021 and will continue into the future.


West County Routes

West County Route

WEST COUNTY ROUTE provides service between Susanville and Chester three times a day during the week and twice on Saturday. The route serves the following locations:

  • Susanville (Safeway, Lassen College)
  • Devil’s Corral
  • Lake Forest (On demand)
  • Westwood (Business Center)
  • Clear Creek (Firestation)
  • Hamilton Branch (Fishing Access Point)
  • Holiday Market (Chester, Plumas County)
  • Service to several locations to access the Bizz Johnson Trail (ask driver)

Download the West County Route Schedule

Download the Saturday West County Route Schedule

Download the Bizz Johnson Trail bus service info



South County Route

South / East County Route MapSOUTH COUNTY ROUTE provides service between Susanville and Honey Lake Monday through Friday and Federal Holidays. SOUTH COUNTY route serve the following locations:

  • Susanville (Riverside Drive, College, Northeastern Rural Health Clinic)
  • Susanville Mobile Home Park
  • Johnstonville Store
  • Leavitt Lake
  • Days Inn RV Park
  • Litchfield (Heard's Market - On demand on South County Route)
  • Standish (Wayside Inn)
  • A-3 @ Regina Rd.
  • A-3 @ Sears Rd.
  • Janesville (Payless Gas Station)
  • Milford (US 395 @ Milford Store)
  • US 395 @ The Mark
  • Herlong (Fort Sage Family Resource Center, Market, Mobile Home Park)
  • Doyle (Post Office, Senior Center - South County and holiday route only)

The SOUTH County Route for the Federal Holidays runs on federally observed holidays, Columbus Day and Veteran's Day.

The East County Route was discontinued on July 1, 2021. 

Download regular South County Route Schedule

Download Holiday Schedule for South Route

South County Commuter Route

South County CommuterThe SOUTH COUNTY COMMUTER ROUTE provides service in Honey Lake region Monday through Friday and serves the following locations:

  • Susanville (Riverside Drive)
  • US 395 & SR 36 (Park & Ride)
  • Janesville ( Chevron Park & Ride)
  • Milford (Milford Store)
  • Herlong (Herlong Market, SIAD Gate)

Download the South County Commuter Schedule

Eagle Lake Route

Eagle Lake Route MapThe EAGLE LAKE ROUTE provides service in to the Eagle Lake region on Saturdays, beginning Memorial Day weekend and ending on the final Saturday of September, or upon the closing of Eagle Lake Road, whichever comes first, and serves the following locations:

  • Susanville (Wal-Mart, Diamond Mountain Casino, and Main and Gay)
  • Lake Forest
  • Gallatin Marina/Beach
  • Spalding (Eagle Lake Store)
  • Bucks Bay
  • Mariner’s Resort-Stones

Services is by demand only. You must call by 5pm the Wednesday before your trip on Starurday. For more information please call the LRB Office at (530) 252-7433

Download the Eagle Lake Route Schedule

Bus Passes

BUS PASSES are available for purchase during normal business hours at:

For detailed Route Maps and Guides for the Lassen Rural Bus service are available for download in Acrobat PDF format. You will need a copy of Acrobat Reader to view the files. Get Acrobat Reader.