RES 20-005 State of Good Repair Program

RES 20-004 Community Events FY 2020-21

RES 20-003 LRB Charter Rates 2020-21

RES 20-002 TDA Claim for FY 2020-21

RES 20-001 Title VI Plan

RES 19-003 Project List for State of Good Repair

RES 19-002 Community Events

RES 19-001 LRB Charter Rates 2019-20

RES 18-005 Transit Asset Management Plan

RES 18-004 State of Good Repair

RES 18-003 Community Events

RES 18-002 LRB Charter Rates

RES 18-001 CA State of Good Repair

RES 17-11 2017/18 STA Allocation

RES 17-10 2017/18 LTF Allocation

Minute Order Replacement Purchase of Bus #20

Minute Order LRB Roof Renewal

Minute Order Bus Stop Improvements Bid Award

RTPA Handbook

Public Works/Transportation Director - Job Description

Program Assistant - Job Description