Consistent with state law, the LCTC consists of three members of the Susanville City Council and three members of the Lassen County Board of Supervisors. Each appointing authority (Council or Board) may also select up to two alternative members to serve in their absence of their respective regular meetings. In most instances, the appointing authorities select commissioners that also serve as members of the Susanville City Council and Lassen County Board of Supervisors. Please refer to the organization chart for a description of the hierarchy of the LCTC and how each position relates to the other committees.

The LCTC also includes the Caltrans District 2 representative as a non-voting ex-officio member. The ex-officio membership allows for participation by the District 2 designee in Commission discussions before and after public testimony, but without the ability to vote on Commission matters.

Current Members

  • Kathie Garnier, Chair (City Council)
  • Jeff Hemphill, Vice Chair (Co. Supervisor)
  • Aaron Albaugh , (Co. Supervisor)
  • Brian Wilson, (City Council)
  • David Teeter, (Co. Supervisor)
  • Joe Franco, (City Council)


  • Richard Egan, Executive Secretary
  • David Knaut, Transportation Planner

Term of Office

Each appointed Commissioner shall serve until a replacement is named.

Chair and Vice-Chair

The Chair and Vice-Chair shall be elected by a majority vote of members present in January or as soon thereafter as possible, or at a regular meeting after a vacancy occurs. The Chair shall preside at all meetings, call special meetings and perform other duties as may be assigned by the LCTC. The Vice-Chair shall perform all duties of the Chair, in the latter’s absence or disability.

Job Descriptions

Each staff member of the LCTC has a specific job description as defined by the county administration. Duties, responsibilities, and supervisory roles are described in the official job descriptions provided below.


The LCTC meets on the second Monday of every other month, unless lack of business or agenda items allows the monthly meeting to be canceled, or a special meeting is deemed necessary. Regular meetings are held at 1:00 p.m. at the Lassen County Board of Supervisors Chambers, 707 Nevada Street, Susanville, CA. The LCTC also meets occasionally in the evening and/or in various unincorporated communities to facilitate public involvement. Special meetings may be called with the concurrence of the Chair to accommodate special circumstances, such as to facilitate community involvement, accommodate Commission scheduling conflicts or to address pressing Commission business. All LCTC meetings shall be publicly noticed and conducted in accordance with applicable public meetings laws.


Any four or more Commissioners in attendance at an LCTC meeting shall constitute a quorum. All actions taken by a quorum at a noticed meeting shall be binding and carry the full force and effect of the LCTC.


Meeting agendas shall be prepared by staff and posted by the Commission Secretary in accordance with all applicable laws. Agenda items and supporting materials shall be submitted to the Commission Secretary no later than 12 calendar days prior to the respective LCTC meeting. Those items in need of comments, analysis, legal review, etc. shall be submitted at least two weeks prior to the meeting. Agenda items should be prepared following the standard report format established by the Executive Director. Staff shall assemble and disseminate the final LCTC agenda and packet to all LCTC members and the Caltrans District 2 Transportation Planning Branch no later than five (5) calendar days prior to the respective meeting.

To facilitate agenda preparation and Commission follow-ups, a Transportation Technical Advisory Committee may meet at least 14 calendar days prior to the Commission meeting to review and coordinate agenda items.