Free Fare Days

Last "Free Fare Day"


Friday June 7, 2019 



Ride any route serviced by Lassen Rural Bus (including Dial-A-Ride) for FREE (Regular Lassen Rural Bus Schedule). Due the limited left over amount of "Free Fare Day" project, there will be only a limited amount of passes for each route available: 59 city daily passes, 20 systemwide daily passes (15 on the West County route and 5 on the East and South County route) and 12 Dial-A-Ride trips. These passes will be available on first come, first served basis.



Passengers will receive a daily city wide or daily system wide pass (depending on where they want to travel that day) when they board the bus for the first time on that day. Any following trip on that same day, passengers only need to show their daily pass. There is no limit on the number of trips on the same day, but there will be a limit on tickets on this last day. Please see above.

Dial-A-Ride passengers must be approved before booking a trip. As usual, Dial-A-Ride trips must be reserved at least 24-hours in advance by calling Lassen Rural Bus at 530-252-7433. Please leave a voice message with your name, pickup and drop off location, if you call in on the weekend or cannot reach somebody in person.



The free fare day project is funded by the Low Carbon Transit Operations Program. Encouraging the community to use other modes of transportation, lessening the amount of cars on the road. Free fare day provides the community the opportunity to explore our beautiful county. So, get on the bus and enjoy a free fare day!




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